I wish I could just hug every sad or lonely person on this planet and just take away all their pain and replace it with joy and just make them feel beautiful and loved and cuddle with them and make them hot chocolate or tea whichever they prefer and watch Disney movies and laugh together and just be best friends

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“My brother killed himself
on the twenty-eighth Thursday of last year
and I missed four days of work
and my mom wanted to know ‘Why’.
My brother
he was always a fan of beauty
but what he did
was not beautiful at all.

And last week I got the news
that one of my good friends from high school
had overdosed
except this time
she’d gone too far
and now she was gone.
And I had a hard time falling asleep at night
and her mother
hugged me tight
and thanked me for coming to the service
but I did not
want to be there at all.
This is not

The girl down the street
would’ve turned 21 last year
and I can scarcely imagine
the wild times she would’ve
But she is buried six feet deep
after falling nearly 300
and she did not leave a note.
This is not

My freshman year of college
and my roommate was beautiful
and how I wanted to be just like her.
But she wore herself down
till she was
almost invisible
and if you blinked
you had to go and find her all over again.
So now her parents are no longer supporting her college tuition
but are paying her hospital bills
watching their daughter crumble.
This is not

So y’all can take your narcissistic
and glamorizing
of self harm and eating disorders and committing suicide
and shove them as far up your ass
as you possibly can.
Starvation is not beautiful.
Killing yourself is not beautiful.
is not beautiful.
This note I am writing
is not beautiful.

But you
you are beautiful
and it’s about damn time you start believing it.

” —

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Favourite ever

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you are not fat
you have fat 
you also have fingernails 
you are not fingernail 

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“I like my body when it is with your body.” — e.e. cummings (via guy)

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All of this is temporary
All of this is temporary
All of this is temporary
All of this is temporary
All of this is temporary
All of this is temporary
All of this is temporary
All of this is temporary
All of this is temporary
All of this is temporary
All of this is temporary
All of this is temporary
All of this is temporary
All of this is temporary
All of this is temporary

And that will either make your day or scare the shit out of you.

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It took 20 years for me to feel good about myself. I didn’t wear shorts until a year and a half ago, and now I’m wearing miniskirts on Teen Wolf. Every girl looks in the mirror and wants to change things — I still do — but imperfection is what makes people beautiful.” - Arden Cho for Audrey Magazine (x)

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life rules

- you are never as awkward as you think you are
- you are never as annoying as you think you are
- you are never as boring as you think you are
- your compliments are never as creepy as you think they are 
- you are way more wanted than you give yourself credit for
- chin up, dude

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“Is fat really the worst thing a human being can be? Is fat worse than vindictive, jealous, shallow, vain, boring, evil, or cruel? Not to me.” — J. K. Rowling (via sandflies)

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you’re not what you look like. you’re the music you listen to, the shows you watch, the art you make, the flowers in your hair, your favourite blanket. you’re not the pimple on your nose or the pudge on your stomach. You’re not your thighs or your teeth. you’re the colour of your hair, you’re your favourite band, you’re the mismatch socks you wear and your favourite sweater. You’re what you love, you’re not what you look like or the body you are in.

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What Is Bipolar Disorder?

Living with Bipolar Disorder

Coping with Mania

Coping with Depression

Supporting Someone with Bipolar Disorder

                  - Helping a Loved One Manage a Manic Episode
                  - 10 Ways to Show Love to Someone with Depression


                  - Dealing Effectively

                 - Understanding Bipolar and Recovery
                 - Coping Strategies

Be sure to go to my RESOURCES page for more informational and support websites on bipolar disorder as well as worksheets to help you cope or track your mood. This page will be updated regularly and worksheet pages will be continuously added.

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